January 31 - February 1, 2011    ブダペスト , ハンガリー
Platts 5th Annual European Gas Storage  conference will once again assemble the industry's leading operating companies, traders, governments, national and regional regulatory bodies, investors and market observers to examine the key challenges as well as highlight potential opportunities.

Platts 5th Annual European Gas Storage conference will maximize your competitive edge within this fast-moving industry.

Platts 5th Annual European Gas Storage has and will continue to:

    * Find out about the latest gas storage regulation and how it is likely to affect projects
    * Examine the impact of the new developments made in unconventional gas and especially shale gas
    * Discuss whether LNG will displace storage as the swing provider to Europe
    * Understand how new unconventional break through is likely to impact imports and prices
    * Identify investment opportunities in gas storage projects
    * Hear the latest on pricing methodology
    * Look at the recent development on storage of natural gas such as LNG/CNG
    * Assess the costs of developing different types of storage
    * Evaluate current and future gas storage capacity needs in Europe
    * Receive latest operational updates on gas storage projects in development and understand project challenges and successes
    * Gain insights into ways to adapt your gas storage strategies
    * Learn about the latest storage and transport projects which will help provide greater security of supply to Europe at large


Location: Hilton Budapest Westend
連絡先 Vaci ut 1-3 Budapest , Hungary


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