November 29 - 30, 2010    London , Reino Unido
Defence-IQ is delighted to announce our inaugural Future Mortar Systems conference taking place in London on November 29th - November 30th this year.
As a sister event to our industry leading Future Artillery conference series, Future Mortar Systems 2010 is designed to offer a unique and incisive guide to how Infantry’s globally are operating Mortars as a key part of a ground force’s indirect fire support, as well as how technological innovations are driving the future direction of Mortar capability and employment.

Why launch Future Mortar Systems now?

* Urgent Operational Requirements in Afghanistan have highlighted the current need for responsive fire support when artillery and air assets are deemed impractical on logistical grounds

* Additionally, recent advancements in precision-guidance technology have hugely improved the employability of mortars in fire support missions where collateral damage is a major concern, and of course reduced the logistical footprint.

The result has been a huge increase in interest in the capability that a mortar system can provide for a ground commander and a burst of activity in the research and development lines of major contractors.

Evidently, the evolving role of the Mortar is of paramount importance to Infantry’s globally. This conference aims to examine all the key issues in the area, answering a number of pertinent questions currently being asked:

* What role do mortars currently play within fire support and how is this role evolving?

* How are mortars presently being deployed operationally, and what can be learnt from such feedback?

* Currently, how employable are precision guidance for mortars what is a feasible timescale for this capability to be delivered?

* Just how important is it to place network mortar fires within the digitised battlespace and in target acquisition?


Location: Hilton London Paddington Hotel
Contact 146 Praed Street, W2 1EE, UK Twickenham , United Kingdom

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