September 26 - 28, 2011    London , Reino Unido
This event will focus on augmenting live training with realistic, flexible, and cost effective synthetic solutions for joint operations.

Attending Joint Simulation & Training 2011 Will Allow You To:
-Learn how armed forces globally are using or plan to use the latest and future technologies for live, virtual and constructive training throughout their training cycle. Hear top military speakers across land, air and sea discuss how to achieve effective blended training, Value for Money Procurement, interoperability and the use of simulators for pre-deployment and mission rehearsals
-Meet with senior military officers and defence industry representatives responsible for simulation, modeling, training development and training systems
-Explore how to effectively use distributed, serious gaming and e-learning technologies in your training syllabus. Hear case studies from organisations such as the UK MoD’s Joint Services Command and the Norwegian Military Academy on the economical acquisition, integration and use of COTS and the potential benefits of new learning aides


Location: American Square Conference Centre
Contact 1 America Square 17 Crosswall London EC3N 2LB Twickenham , United Kingdom

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