March 16 - 17, 2010    Vancouver , Canada
Aerial Firefighting plays a vital role in delivering a successful fire control, and management system across North America, particularly the Pacific coastal region, where wildfires do not recognize country borders and where international partnerships and collaborations are necessary to provide effective wildfire aerial suppression.

The Aerial Firefighting Conference is the world’s leading conference and exhibition in this subject and is being held in Canada for the first time bringing the world’s experts together to address the issues of aerial suppression on a global scale.  Showcased so far in Greece, USA, Australia and Italy - some of the countries most blighted by wildfire - the lessons learned are presented at each event from the world’s leading aerial suppression exponents and fire management agencies.


Location: Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
Contact 7551 Westminster Highway Richmond, British Columbia Canada Vancouver , Canada
(604) 273-7878

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