March 15 - 17, 2010    Moscow , Russia
The Government of Moscow, the Russian Academy of Science, jointly with a number of ministries and agencies are making preparations to hold, on 15-17 March 2010, the Moscow International Scientific and Practical Conference "Biotechnology: Ecology of big City" and the 8th International Specialized Exhibition "Biotech World’ 2010" at the address: House of the Government of Moscow, 36/9 Novy Arbat, Moscow. The forum will be held within the framework of the Moscow International Congresses "Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development" started since 2002.
Taking into account the fact that biotechnology is a priority area of scientific and technical progress that uses biological processes and objects to deliver a task-oriented impact on the environment and man, and consists of a broad range of areas including ecological engineering, the Conference Program will include 13 sections and 6 seminars which that cover the following major thematic areas.
It is planned that over 200 academics and industrial professionals will deliver reports and statements during the 3 days of the conference. At least one third of those will be participants from foreign countries.
Simultaneously, the special International Exhibition "Biotech World’ 2010" will be held, which will provide an unprejudiced presentation of the most recent achievements, both in Russia and abroad, in the area of biotechnology, ecology inclusive.
International financial institutions, industrial companies, representatives of academic organizations, entrepreneurs and business people who are interested to learn about the current status of progress of ever-increasing influence of biotechnology upon the life of man are welcome to participate in the Moscow Scientific and Practical Conference "Biotechnology: Ecology of Cities" and the 8th international special exhibition "Biotech World’ 2010".


Location: The House of Moscow Government
Contact Moscow , Russia

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