April 23 - 25, 2010    Edmonton , Canada
span style="font-size: 10pt;">With Edmonton’s booming economy comes a higher disposable income that people are spending on hobbies, passions, products and services. Edmontonians just can’t get enough of body art and body modification. Family Productions Inc. wants to bring Edmontonians face-to-face with your talents as a tattoo artist. Show them why YOU should ink them.

Family Productions Inc. is a tradeshow production company. We DON’T do tattoos – we don’t design ‘em, ink ‘em, or sell ‘em. What we DO is run hugely successful tradeshows in Edmonton and Area. Each show is designed to SHOWCASE a particular industry, with active participation and feedback from industry players. Every tradeshow we do also gives back to the community through fundraising. Family Productions Inc. wants to give you an audience and a venue that will help your business grow. As an artist at Ink Festival, you have the freedom to create your own successful display while we take care of the logistics of tradeshow production.

We want to help you advertise your company, expand your customer base and increase your customer loyalty. When a person finds an artist they like, they will come back again and again, travel a distance to have work done by you and brag to anyone who will listen. Come to the Edmonton Tattoo & Arts Ink Festival and show thousands of people what you can do and walk away new leads and potential clients. Show your artwork, show your unique style, show your talent and show thousands why you are the best. Stand out and be recognized in front of tattoo enthusiasts, fellow artists and the world at large.


Location: Northlands Agricom
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