16 April, 2010    Ottawa , Canada
This conference provides an opportunity for accountants and business professionals to explore urgent priorities for the profession to ensure its ongoing relevance in a turbulent and challenging environment. In particular, this conference addresses ways that accounting and accountants may be encouraged to play more proactive roles in preventing, managing and solving future business crises.

There is no charge to participants.

Keynote Speaker: Carl Zehr, FCGA, Mayor, Kitchener

Speakers: Michelle Causton, Professor, Nipissing University
David Conklin, Lawyer, Goodman
Christine Cooper, Professor, University of Strathclyde , Scotland
Andrey Pavlov, Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University
Gary L. Sundem, Professor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington


Location: National Arts Centre
Contact 53 Elgin Street, at Confederation Square , Ontario Ottawa , Canada

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