August 19 - 21, 2010    Accra , Ghana
Being a specialist medical and pharmaceutical trade show and events organizers, Shem Services Ltd collaborated with the Society of Private Medical & Dental Practitioners of Ghana for the first International Medical and Pharmaceutical Expo in Accra, Ghana.

The International Medical & Pharmaceutical Fair, Medishop Expo under the theme “Sustaining the National Health Insurance Scheme-Building Capacity of Service Providers was impressive by all standards. Over 42 companies exhibited their products from around the world.

Government support for the fair was displayed by the huge presence of the its delegation led by the Chairman of the Council Of State, Prof. Kofi Awoonor and the current Minister Of Health, Dr. Ben Kumbuor and the Director of the Ministry Of Health, Madam Salimata Abdul-Salam.

Our exhibitors profile range from health insurance companies like Nationwide Mutual Health and the National Health Authority. Phena International from UK exhibited the latest Ultra-sonic Machines while GE Medical Equipment from the United States of America displayed their Scan Machines. Pharmaceutical giants like Bedita Pharmacy, Vicdoris Pharmacy from Ghana were present as well as Tobinco Pharmacy and PM International from the Netherlands and Germany.


Location: Accra International Conference Centre
Contact P.O. Box C. 1054 Accra , Ghana

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