August 24 - 26, 2010    Hamburg , Germany
Intelligent Transport Lighting

Innovative LED solutions for interior applications

LED technology is growing more and more mature and progressively entering the realm of interior lighting in the transportation industry.

This technological development brings about countless design possibilities and new lighting characteristics that give way to an unknown level of added functionality and intelligence of the lighting system.

For these reasons, IQPC is dedicating this flagship event to interior lighting across the transport industry.
Conference Highlights:

* Explore the application of LED lighting in other sectors of transport industry
* Hear about the latest strategies to increase LED system efficiency and lifetime
* Understand how to overcome the challenges of thermal management, aging and colour behaviour of LEDs
* Get inspired how to bridge the gap between design and functionality to optimise customer satisfaction
* Enhance passenger well-being by employing systematic ambient lighting
* Gain insight to the potentials of future technologies like OLED and EL-Foils for the cabin and cockpit interior


Location: Movenpick Hotel Hamburg
Contact Sternschanze 6 Hamburg , Germany

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Intelligent Transport Lighting August 24 - 26, 2010