August 24 - 25, 2011
Upon Completing this 2-day training, delegates will be able to:

• Learn how to read a pump curve and how pumps really operate
• Understand how the system controls the pump
• Learn how the flow rate impacts on pump reliability – what is the
reliable operating range
• Design better systems and select better pumps, leading to improved reliability

• Learn why pumps vibrate and why seals and bearings fail and prevent such failures
• Determine the assessment methods to identify Future Potential
• Avoid operational problems that lead to pump failures
• Understand what cavitation is, why it occurs and how to avoid it
• Know how pumps should be installed and commissioned – avoid those common commissioning failures
• Implement best practice in pump monitoring and maintenance
• Get to the root cause of pump failures and solve recurring problems


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Please check again in the near future.

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