February 22 - 24, 2012    Accra , Ghana
The course covers a broad range of issues associated with oil spill management, including all topics within International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) course Levels 2 and 3 (On Scene Commanders, Oil Spill Management) and UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency Levels 4 and 5 (Oil Spill Response Manager and Incident Manager).

Topics Include
•Causes and fate of spilled oil
•Environmental impacts and issues
•Contingency planning
•Spill monitoring, surveillance and modelling
•Shoreline assessments and cleanup
•Dispersant use
•Controlled burning
•Response equipment and limitations
•Waste management
•Working with the media
•International cooperation
•Liability and compensation
•Health and safety
•Terminating the response
•Spill management using the Incident Command System
•Post-response operations
•Case histories include examples from Alaska, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
•Exercises: Establishing response priorities and equipment requirements.
•Special Case Example: Environmental risk, sensitivity mapping, and response planning for a major international pipeline..


Location: Ghana International Trade Fair Centre
Contact P.O. Box TF 111 Accra , Ghana
+233 (0)21/776611

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