March 4 - 5, 2013    Accra , Ghana
The 4th Africa Ports, Logistics and Supply Chain Conference & Expo 2013 is the premier event focusing on ports, terminals and their allied cargo movements and trade flows.

The annual event addresses the industry's most pressing issues: the absence of deep water container transshipment terminals; inadequate berthing capacity; the lack of an integrated land distribution system - particularly for transit traffic; the lack of essential supporting infrastructure - such as rail systems; congested road networks, bureaucratic bottlenecks; as well as high maritime and freight charges.

The 2013 Summit will gather the region's experts and authorities to exchange and advance views and ideas in defining the future of African ports and terminals. An integral part of the two-day Conference is the Exhibition showcasing the latest technologies, services and best practices from international shipping lines, ports and container terminal equipment and technology & services suppliers.

The Summit will feature a gathering of government authorities regulating Africa's ports, railways and transportation services, along with numerous industry experts and senior executives from both multinational corporations and locally-based enterprises with a stake in the continent's trade and economic growth.

Why You Need to Attend the Summit:
• The mining boom in West Africa and new oil extraction in Ghana create new trading lanes and position Africa as a new distribution hub, putting pressure on further port developments
•The central location in West Africa makes this Summit an attractive business opportunity for industry executives across the whole of Africa
• Many of the ports in the continent are undergoing rapid expansion
• The region's international freight demand is expected to grow in 2013 as freight links to and via Africa continue to develop
• Seaports account for the vast majority of


Location: Accra International Conference Centre
Contact P.O. Box C. 1054 Accra , Ghana